about us

About us

“Jokerprint” is a new service division from Böhning Design (BD).
The company Böhning Design is a company founded in 2008 which primarily deals with the sale of textiles and their finishing in a wide variety of processes
employed. Furthermore, print products such as flyers, business cards, stamps and business equipment belong to the main focus of the company.
The most recent area, advertising technology, includes professional graphics, logo design, layouts, signs, banners, posters and, most recently, the popular canvas printing.
The latest technical standards have guaranteed smooth manufacturing processes and the associated highest quality of the manufactured products from the very beginning.
In 2020 the online shop “Jokerprint” was opened. The shop now offers you the opportunity to purchase individually printed items as quickly as possible, cheaply and with confidence.
The company has been owner-managed from the very beginning and therefore attaches great importance to quality, reliability and proximity to the customer.
Through years of experience and the best references, the company BD was able to develop an excellent name in its area of responsibility.
You can find a lot more information at www.boehning-design.de. Just visit us online and get an overview of our performance.
If you need special print motifs, printed promotional items, textiles or print products for your company, please contact us directly and we will immediately take on your order.
It would be nice to be able to count you among our customers soon.
Your Jokerprint team